Two-handled urn

Inventory number: PC13-2130-5
Name of the object: two-handled urn
Material: ceramic
Production: common
Type: crockery
Shape: indeterminate
Dimensions (cm): height: 21.7; maximum diameter: 15.2; maximum edge diameter: 12
Chronology: late Roman Republic period
Survey: July 2013
Provenance: sector 10
Description: Container designed to contain and transport liquids. The remains of white slip appear to be preserved on the exterior walls, although this has been lost from most of the surface.
Its shape is reminiscent of some of the Catalan slipware urns indigenous to the Emporitan area, although it is smaller and those pieces are not generally found beyond the Maresme and Roussillon plain. The similarity probably stems from common knowledge based around the the Iberian substratum.